You can design calendars by using calendar templates which are available in Microsoft Office, for various types of applications. You can find many calendar templates in MS Office or online. You should be aware of how to make a calendar template, in order to be able to design and use it. You can create calendar templates in Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio. These applications consist of similar process of creation.


  1. Open Ms Word and click on Microsoft Office button and select New.
  2. In Microsoft Office Online, select Templates and then click Calendars. You can browse online to find huge number of calendar templates. They may also be found under Installed Templates.
  3. In the section at the center, you can:
  • Click a category of calendars, for viewing thumbnails.
  • Click on a thumbnail, to view its details, in the area on right.
  • Navigate different levels, by clicking the arrows on top pane.
  1. Once you find the calendar, which you like to use in the pane on right, click on Download button. The calendar template gets downloaded onto your computer and you can open it in a new document.

You have the option of customizing any section of the calendar, according to your needs. For any modifications, you can select the objects like tables, text boxes, shapes, etc by clicking on the template and using the options available in tabs or typing your own text.

You can add other objects like images and SmartArt, by clicking the Insert tab. You may add important information to your calendar such as holidays, events, project details, etc.

Click on Microsoft Office button when you are done with customizing and click on Save. You can save your calendar template as a Word document or if you like to create other documents related to calendar, you should click on Save as type in Save As options and select the option Word Template (.dotx). Finally, give a name for that file and click on OK button.