When planning to conduct meetings, it is better to keep a meeting agenda template ready. It serves as your guide for the upcoming meeting. Agenda template includes all that is required to be discussed, the activities regarding the meeting and other details. It gives an idea about what to expect, to all the participants of the meeting. Here we specify some information on how to plan a meeting agenda template.

Meeting agenda template should be prepared and delivered to all the participants, at least two days prior to the scheduled date. You may mail the copy or hand over a hard copy of it, when asked. When the participants and the person who is heading the meeting are provided with an agenda template, it enables them to think and prepare ahead of time. It gives time to come up with new ideas and suggestions, which can be discussed in the meeting.

You can use any of the meeting agenda templates that are available. Basically the information that you can use in a meeting agenda template includes:


The header should consist of the following details:

  • Name of the company
  • Main agenda
  • Location of the meeting
  • Date
  • Time of starting and ending of meeting


You can provide the main information, which is relevant to meeting. Here are some basic details which you can add to the meeting agenda template.


You can include a brief introduction, which may be a welcome speech, an overview of the meeting or the activities going to take place. Introduction part lets the participants know what is going to happen in the meeting.

Previous agenda discussion

You may add some updates pertaining to previous meeting agenda.

Main agenda discussion

This is the actual part where everyone brainstorms or discusses about the specific topics.


You can specify important announcements, which lets the participants know and prepare for it.

Next meeting decision

The leader who is heading the meeting or all the participants decide about when to schedule the next meeting, which is convenient for everyone.