An agenda is basically an action plan or set targets devised to achieve a specific result. The scope of an agenda may vary from purpose to purpose. While some time it may be designed to accomplish some small tasks, at other times it may be framed to successfully organize an important meeting or event. While one may get away with mere jotting of important points in case of small casual agendas, formal important events that call for formal business or political agendas demand proper documentation of the intent outline that needs to be taken care of. Herein lies the importance of agenda templates.

Agenda templates are pre-built layout that forms the basic structure of a formal agenda. These are ready-to-use documents that are drafted in accordance with universally accepted formats specified for professional agendas and can be customized as per the needs of the customer. Depending on the purpose and scope of the agenda, agenda templates can be of various types. For example:

  • Meeting agenda template: This is used in corporate offices and institutions to outline the plan and schedule of a meeting to be held.
  • Training agenda template: This lays down the framework of the training action plans as conceived by the host organization for the benefit of the trainees.
  • Travel agenda template: This documents a programmed travel timetable mostly issued by travel companies to provide their customers with a brief overview of their travel plans.

However, despite the differences in scope and purpose, the basic structure of all agenda templates remain he same. Following are a few points that may be considered while designing an agenda template:

  • Since the efficiency of an agenda template determines the course a meeting would take, it must be elaborate and extremely professional.
  • The agenda template must have lineation for stating the name and purpose of the event and for listing the time based programs to be held in a meeting or event.
  • The template must be easy to use and simple.