Applications have become almost a daily necessity these days. Whether it is to apply for a job or admission, scholarship or leave, reservation or visa, one need to document a good and effective application. Since applications have become a commonplace requirement anywhere and everywhere, it becomes extremely tiring for a person to document a fresh application each time to suit each of his needs. Moreover, most organizations and institutions do not have enough time to frame a new application to look after the convenience of their applicants.

To save time and energy, it is therefore advisable to draft an application template beforehand that may provide the basic framework for specific applications and be flexible enough to be customized as per the needs of the customer.

An application template is a readymade pre-built layout formatted by professionals in accordance with the universally accepted structure of a standard application. It bears purpose-specific lineation that may be quickly filled up and submitted, thereby speeding up the application process.

Whereas depending on the purpose of application, templates can be of various types like course application template, job application template, leave application template, rental application template, web application template, loan application template, etc., there are certain basic factors that remain the same for all templates. These are:

  • Personal information: The template must have lineation for inserting all relevant personal details about the applicant.
  • Purpose: The template must clearly mention the purpose of the application and all lineation must be specific to that purpose.
  • Timeline: The template must have provision for stating the validity period of the application after which it would be rendered ineffective.
  • Eligibility criteria: All application templates must bear ample space for stating the eligibility criteria for submitting the application and must elicit responses from the applicant that would help to check whether the concerned person fits the required criterion.
  • Instructions: The template must provide specific instructions for the convenience of the applicant advising him on the correct way to delineate the application template. It must also mention the documents (if any) required as evidence in order to support the information provided in the application.




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