An assessment template is a ready-to-use pre-built layout that outlines the universally acknowledged format of an assessment document. It bears lineation by which a person can record his findings and submit a complete formal assessment of a certain process. They are constructed by professionals for the convenience of assessors and can be customized or personalized as per the demands of the occasion.

Since an assessment template is responsible for providing the groundwork for presenting one’s assessment in a professional manner, it is extremely important for the layout of assessment templates to be specific to its purpose. Depending on the object of analysis, assessment templates can be of several types. Following are a few examples of assessment templates that are categorized as per their purposes:

  • Student Assessment Template: This evaluates the performance of a student during or at the end of a certain course to analyze the progress made by the student in that term.
  • Risk Assessment Template: This assesses the potential threats involved in the conduction of a certain process or event and thereby seeks to suggest ways to avoid or manage those risks.
  • Personality Assessment Template: This is a psychological tool aimed to assess and analyze the behavioral pattern of an individual under certain situations and thereby pronounces judgment on several aspects of his personality.

However, despite the variations in content due to the differences in purpose, the basic framework of all assessment templates remains the same. Following are a few tips that may come in handy while drafting an assessment template:

  • The template must bear lineation for stating the purpose and objective of the assessment in a clear manner.
  • The template must have ample space to incorporate detailed description of the process of assessment, the tools used, the responses elicited and the conclusions that can be drawn from the findings of the aforementioned process.
  • The template must be well worded, simple and user-friendly in order to be effective.