Evaluation report template is basically produced during the process of individual or group or organizational level evaluation. Its main purpose is to provide a basis for decision-making, result accountability, drafting programs and policies, determining the education and improvement needs. Here is the specification on how to write an evaluation report template.

The evaluation report template should contain the following information:

  • Title
  • List of abbreviations and acronyms
  • Table of contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction: Brief history and context of the project
  • Program description
  • Purpose of conducting evaluation
  • Important questions and scope of the process of evaluation
  • Methodologies and approach used
  • Findings
  • Explanation regarding the findings and summarizing the interpretations
  • Conclusions
  • Suggestions
  • Generalizations and alternatives
  • Annexes

Quality Criteria

An effective evaluation report must be maneuvered by credibility, utility and appropriateness/ relevance criteria.


The evaluation report is said to be credible if:

  • It possesses professional accuracy in terms of validity, objectivity and reliability of the tools and procedures used. ¬†
  • Information provided is reliable and consistent.
  • The bases on which judgments are made, are transparent and are associated with negotiated agreements.


An evaluation report is said to be useful if:

  • It provides complete information on the evaluation context, allowing the reader to determine the derivable value from the process of evaluation.
  • The presentation and findings of the evaluation program are complete and structured to render ease in obtaining the necessary information for decision-making process.
  • The recommendations and suggestions provided are clearly specified and actionable.

Appropriateness / Relevance

A report is said to be relevant and appropriate if:

  • The purpose and incentives for use are clear.
  • The provided information addresses strategic needs.
  • It is non-duplicative.