HR stands for human resources; it refers to the segment or the department in an organisation which handles the employees and employee related matters such as salary, employee environment improvement and employee recruitment. A letterhead is the document which contains the details of an authority figure or entity and other details. The HR letterhead template is also a document, but it is one that helps in the preparation of the HR letterhead for any using entity. The letterhead template will contain all that is required by the outline of an HR letterhead.

Any official matter that concerns the human resources department of the organisation is to be conveyed on or is to written on the respective letterhead of the department. In a way the letterhead certifies that the written information has come from the department. The letterhead template made in respect to the HR letterhead will contain the details of the respective authority official like his/ her name, title, department, office details and contact details etc. The template can be used by anyone in a very simple manner; all the user has to do is fill the information in the blank spaces just as required in the brackets that follow.

Sample HR Letterhead Template:


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