HR performance is the performance of a Human Resource department or an employee. Often, companies and organizations conduct HR performance evaluation so as to know the various points which can be improved upon by the department for the betterment of the company.  This kind of an evaluation is jotted down on a document which is also known as an HR performance evaluation. An HR Performance evaluation template is a readymade evaluation document which can be used to evaluate HR performance.

The following are some more details and information about an HR Performance evaluation:

  • An HR Performance evaluation template is a document which specifies the complete layout or structure of an evaluation of this form so that the users don’t have to worry about getting the format right.
  • The template also mentions a few content details or headings which are needed in an HR performance evaluation such as the HR department strength, recent projects, results or projects etc.
  • The blank spaces given in the template can be used to customize the evaluation by the user on the basis of the instructions which too are given.
  • The template is very time saving and also quite easy to use.

Sample HR Performance Evaluation Template:

hr performance evaluation form