HR templates are the official documents which are entirely used by the HR department of the company. Such HR templates work from hiring an employee to accessing the payslip of an employee. However, the pattern for each template varies as per the requirement. The HR department is responsible for preparing such templates. The details are mentioned and executed as per the demand. HR templates are drafted in the standard format.

Types of the HR templates:

  • Employee performance template
  • Employment application template
  • Employee evaluation template
  • Employee contract template, etc

The HR templates are designed for the different department by the HR executives.

Pay attention to the following mentioned factors while creating a HR template:

  • Mention the date on the template.
  • If the template is regarding the employment, prepare it on a company letterhead with proper format.
  • Mention a column for reference number, employee name, department, designation and period for the validation of the prepared template.
  • Write the subject and prepare the full matter as the body of the template.
  • Signature of the authority and the concerned department should be mentioned in the template.

Hence, it is quite easy to customize a HR template by providing the required details.