An ID card template is used to produce the identity card for a person. To print an official ID card, name, address, a photograph and signature of the candidate are required along with the organization information. Identity cards are of many types such as a student id card, business ID card and government ID cards, etc. An ID card holds a special id number for every individual, which represents his/ her formal presence. Any ID card template is extensively used as the pre written content helps to save ample time for the users of these templates. This also helps to device an inexpensive method to formulate any ID card. Any such card needs addition of only the personalised details and information and hence are easily customisable. Such samples and examples of different card template are provided on this site for your assistance.

Sample ID Card Template:

ID Card Template

Download ID Card Template

Name of the company/ institution/ organization: _____________ [write the name of the association at the top along with the logo]

Name: __________________ [registered name of the person]

Gender: ________________ [specify M/F]

Location: ________________ [address of the individual]

Contact number: __________

Blood group: ______________ [mention the type of blood] [provide all these details at the vertical left side of the ID card]

Image of the individual: _________________ [affix the photograph at the top right side of the card]

Signature: ___________ [do the signature below the photo]

ID number: __________