An illustrator’s brochure must outline an individual’s skills, kinds of illustration offered and the prices at which such services are offered. Thus, an illustrator brochure template is a document, which will guide the framing of an illustrator brochure. These templates are used to provide an interactive base for promoting an organisation or an individual in his area of expertise. The fact that such templates are customisable in nature makes them quite popular and extensively used and executed. The main use lies in the fact that a lot of time can be saved using these ready to use documents.

Samples and examples of many illustrator brochure templates can be found on this website easily.

Sample Illustrator Brochure Template



Download Illustrator Brochure Template


We are ______________________________________________ [Mention the name of the illustrator(s)]

Date of establishment: __________________________________ [Mention the year of establishment]

We specialize in ______________________________________ [Mention the particularized services offered by the illustrator like digital illustration, book illustration, cartoon illustrator etc.]

Our aim: ______________________________________________ [Mention the principles governing the illustrator’s work including a desire to expand the horizons of illustration and keeping client satisfaction in mind]

Our core team:

  • Illustrator 1:______________________________ Notable work: ___________________
  • Illustrator 2: ______________________________  Notable work: __________________
  • Illustrator 3: ______________________________ Notable work: ___________________

Our charges: ___________________________________ $ [Mention the amount charged by the illustrator depending on the kind of illustration done]

Contact number: ______________________________

Email id: ____________________________________ [Mention the relevant details]