An Interior designer website template is a document that can be useful for designing interior designer website. Various interior designing ways can be shown in different rooms, work spaces along with decoration that can be done on them.

Sample Interior Designer Website Template

Dysania - Interior Designer Website Template

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Modern Interior - Interior Designer Website Template

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Name of the website: _________________ [With a Logo]

Tag line: _____________________________



_________________________________________________________ [Description of the company along with attractive pictures]

Homes [Add description, images, and interior designer tips for the room]

Bedroom Interiors:      _______________________________________

Kitchen Interiors: _______________________________________

Living room Interiors:  _______________________________________

Bathroom Interiors:     _______________________________________

Kids Room:         _______________________________________

Drawing Room:   _______________________________________

Home Vastu:              _______________________________________

Home Feng Shui: _______________________________________


Lighting:            _______________________________________ [E.g. Dim / Light / Switch / Chandelier]

Flooring:            _______________________________________ [E.g. Laminate / Carpet / Tile / etc]

Furniture:           _______________________________________

Wardrobes:                _______________________________________ [E.g Variety / Alignment / Material]

Accessories:               _______________________________________ [E.g Shelves / Photographs / Mirrors]

Furnishings:                _______________________________________ [E.g Shelves / Photo Frames, etc]

Offices [Lighting / Noise levels / Projector / Phone /Wi-Fi, etc]

Reception:          _______________________________________

Cabin:                       _______________________________________

Conference:               _______________________________________

Work Area:        _______________________________________


[Put attractive pictures here]

For Further services feel free to contact us

Address: _____________________________________________________________

E-Mail id: _______________________ Telephone: ___________________________

Enter your query: ____________________________________________________