Interview agenda is a kind of an agenda which a company frames in order to define the agenda for the interview of new applicants and candidates. An Agenda for interview is the way the company or recruiters plan to conduct an interview and what shall be the purpose of the interview process. An interview agenda is generally framed in written form and records the purposes of each of the questions or parts of the interview. An interview agenda template on the other hand is a readymade interview agenda document which presents the correct layout and outline and can be used to produce an actual interview agenda whenever the need arises.

To know more a about an interview agenda template, you can read the following given information:

  • An interview agenda template is a document which can be filled in with relevant information so as to customize into an interview agenda template for a particular interview process or for the interview for a certain job position in the company.
  • Such templates are already filled in with most of the information but are also provided with blanks where the users can fill in relevant particulars.
  • An interview agenda template is highly flexible to use and hence takes very little time to convert into an interview agenda document.
  • The main use of interview agenda templates is for those companies or employers who do not have the time to frame separate agendas for each interview process. These are easily available online for free or paid download.

Sample Interview Agenda Template:

Interview Agenda Template

Download Interview Agenda Template