The inventory list template is created for the purpose of keeping an account of all the items and goods within a storage space. This is fundamentally a very detailed account of the different items that are surveyed periodically. The inventory list template is required for keeping tabs on the stock level and for withholding or supplying it according to availability. This is not just done by store-keepers but also by companies who store varied equipments or finished products for future use. The inventory list can also be used for other reasons such as real estate companies keeping extra furniture for certain formal purposes in a rented storage space etc.


The inventory list template provides such details like cost of the inventory, the appraised value, visibility of the items and their future valuation. It is important that the template provides adequate space wherein the evaluation and calculation can be made periodically. The template must also provide adequate provisions for shipping and handling and other such cost related issues. A proper tracking and updating system is required to be provided alongside the template for correct management. It is also essential that all item details that are recorded should be according to its current market value. Different states have different laws on the formulation of such an inventory list and hence it is important that the template is constructed keeping in mind the particular legal formalities.

You can Download the Inventory List Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Inventory List Template is in MS-Excel.

Sample Inventory List Template:

Inventory List Template

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