Investigator Brochure Template

An investigator brochure template is widely used in the medical and technical associations. This brochure template includes an introduction, experience and offered services of a particular association. These templates are ready to use documents which are pre filled with the broad topics and details which are common to any investigator brochure and only need few additions from the user which are specific and personal to each different user. This fact makes any such template a customisable document and hence quite widely and extensively used.

These templates are possibly inexpensive and time saving ways to popularise any medical or technical association or organisation.

Sample Investigator brochure template:

Investigator Brochure Template

Download Investigator brochure template

Logo: ____________________

Name of the investigator: __________________ [investigator association introduction is given here]

About us: ____________________________ [history and working criteria is written here]

Offered services: _______________________ [a brief introduction of the offered services is given here to educate the patients about the medical procedures to be conducted in terms of check up]

Symptoms & medical causes: ________________ [this is one of the most important sections to explain the associated disease and their symptoms]

Prevention & care: ___________________ [certain tips of prevention are given in order to spread the awareness]

Documentation: _____________________ [information on the required documentation is mentioned here to inform the patient]

Contact us: ______________________ [contact details such as a phone number, e-mail id and Website of the investigator is printed here to help the patients]

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