Every party, be it big or small needs to have an attractive invitation to lure its guest! A party sure is known by its crowd, but getting the right crowd is possible only with a well designed invitation, which gives the guests a sneak peak of the party. You can take a look at the underlying designs and pick a perfect party invitation according to your need.

Wine Tasting Party Free Invitation Template

A wine tasting party is all about glamour, grandeur and classiness! And the invitation should echo the same qualities. This invite featured in wine red showcasing different wine glasses is perfect.

wine tasting party


 Beachy Starfish Themed Party Free Invitation Template:

This invitation featuring starfish on an organic green base is a perfect pick for a beach theme party. Its crisp and to the point showcasing that it’s a beach party.



Grand Opening Party Free Invitation Template:

Opening your brand new store? This grand opening template  based on brown with a bright floral pattern can be good pick.



Pink Hearts Party Free Invitation Template:

Want an invitation option which is nice and girly. This pink hearts theme design not only is quintessentially feminine but quite adorable as well.


hearts pink girls


Purple With Elegant Curls Free Invitation Template:

An elegant design with an essence of style is what this invitation design is all about. The pretty purple base compliments the elegant curls and is a great pick for any classy party.




Flower Burst Free Invitation Template:

Quite abstract yet catchy, this flower burst invite is a good pick for a house warming, birthday or casual parties.




Flags Theme Free Invitation Template:

This invitation card features multicolored flags on a beige base and is quite multipurpose. It can work great for a birthday party.




Retro Abstract Theme Free Invitation Template:

This retro abstract theme in bright teal and yellow is nice pick for any casual parties, be it friend’s get together or a themed party such as retro.


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Seamless Geometrical Free Invitation Template:

This invitation design is all about abstract art and is a great pick if the invited guests are high on the artsy quotient.


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Plastic Construction Blocks Free Invitation Template:

Fun pick for a kid’s birthday party, this invitation design features plastic construction blocks in different bright colors for that happy feel.


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Floral Free Invitation Template:

Floral patterns are a great pick for any girl’s party. Besides you can even use this design for a classy get together which the invite needs to be elegant


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Coffee party free invitation template:

Coffee and long talks go hand in hand. For an intriguing discussion with pals over coffee, get them all together with this snazzy invite.


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Graduation Party Free Invitation Template:

Invite all your classmate for the much awaited graduation party with this innovative invite designed in form of a degree.


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Movie Ticket Free Invitation Template:

Invite your friends for a movie themed party with a invitation designed in the form of a movie ticket. It’s perfect for the feel that they need the ticket to come be a part of the movie.Movie-Ticket-Free-Invitation-Template

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Easter Hunt Theme Free Invitation Template:

Perfect invitation design option for an Easter party, this features a colorful Easter Egg with your invitation workings on it.


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Chinese New Year Free Invitation Template:

So you are celebrating Chinese New Year! This invitation is a great pick. Its bright and colorful and perfectly compliments the festival.


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Yellow And White Polka Dots Baby Shower Free Invitation Template:

Yellow and white polka dots on an invitation card, is an adorable combination to invite your girlfriends for the baby shower.


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Animal Print Baby Shower:

A sassy way to invite all your gal pals for your baby shower, this invite features animal pront over pink or blue for a girl and a boy respectively.


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Typography Wedding Free Invitation Template:

Wedding invites needs to be striking, and this invite makes use of different font types to give quite an attractive look to your wedding invite.


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Carnival Pinwheel Poster Free Invitation Template:

Want to send invites to your close friends for a fun party? If so this carnival pinwheel poster theme is a great way to address them.


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 Robot Themed Carnival Free Invitation Template:

So you party is future themed? Perfect to match its mood is this robot themed invite, featuring robots in different postures.


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Chandelier Themed Free Invitation Template:

Chandeliers are a great way to bring out the grandeur in any party invitation. This invitation in inky blue featuring chandeliers is a great pick for any party.


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Truck Theme Birthday Party Free Invitation Template:

This invitation design is a great choice for a little man, who loves playing with his truck. His picture can be featured along with his trucks in this invite.


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Cupcakes Birthday Party Invite Free Invitation Template:

Invite the friends of your little one using this much adorable cupcake birthday invite, quite popular among kids.


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 Classic Anniversary Invite Free Invitation Template:

Nothing can be more chic than black and gold. Invite your close ones to your anniversary using this elegant invite.


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Baby Clothes Baby Shower Free Invitation Template:

A line of adorable baby clothes is an adorable design to feature on a baby shower invite.


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Party Under Construction Yellow And White Polka Dots Baby Shower Free Invitation Template:

This is a fun way of inviting your friends for your birthday, featuring the birthday boy/ girls picture being picked up by a road roller.


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Limo Theme Prom Free Invitation Template:

This invite features a limo on a red glam base, perfect to invite all the stars of the night to the prom.


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