Invoice templates as the name suggests are executed for preparing the billing details which are to be paid by the concerned individual or the origination. An invoice template is prepared according to the requirement of a particular department or an organization. Details of the purchased services/ goods/ products, name of the consignee, contact details of the sender and signature of the authority are the main particular being used in the invoice templates.

Types of the invoice templates:

  • Sales invoice template
  • Billing invoice template
  • Contractor invoice template
  • Rental invoice template, etc

An invoice template is being sent with the shipping, via e-mail or handed over directly to the purchaser. It is an effective method to keep the record of the sales of a particular department.

Following mentioned factors play an important role while preparing an invoice template.

  • Make a column for the invoice number and date in the template.
  • Mention the details of the sender organization and recipient as required in the invoice template.
  • Make a space in the template for providing the details of the goods/ products and services sold including quantity, item number, total number of items sold and cost per item, etc.
  • Mention the covenants and payment terms as required.
  • Leave some space for the signature of the sender and the receiver.

Hence, an organization can use the sample invoice template by providing the required details.