An invoice word template is used to create sales or receipt invoice, which is basically a document that records transaction details between two parties, the vendor and the customer. All word processing applications offer readymade templates which can be used by us to formulate various documents like invoices. Since an invoice involves numbers and calculations, Word also has the option of inserting tables in the document and which can be used for calculations. An invoice word template already has the options written in the template and one can just fill up all the necessary information in the blank spaces, which saves time and makes it look neat.

You can Download the Free Invoice Word Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Invoice Word Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Invoice Word Template:

Invoice Word Template

Download Invoice Word Template

Company information


Company logo: [Give your company’s logo]Invoice number: [Give invoice number]Date: [Write down date of sending invoice]

Expiration date: [Give date of expiration]

Name: [Give name of your company] Address: [Give address of your company]


Phone: [Mention phone number]


Email: [Give your email address]


Recipient information

Contact details:Name: [Give name of receiver]Address: [Give address of receiver]

Phone: [Mention phone number]

Customer ID: [Mention customer ID]

Billing Address:Name: [Give name of receiver of goods]Address: [Give address of receiver]

Phone: [Mention phone number]

Order number: [Mention any order number]

Invoice details

Product Quantity Price Total number of items Total


Sales tax: 


Processing fee:




 [Give subtotal amount]

[Mention sales tax amount]

[Give processing fee amount, if any]


[Mention the grand total amount]

Other instructions:Total payment must be made in [mention number] days.To accept this quotation, please sign here : ____________