Looking for Islamic wedding invitation ideas? Like every other religion, Islam too has set its own standards for wedding invitation layout and you have to abide by those to ensure the perfect religious invitation letter. This is a serious affair as any discrepancy in the invitation format might infuriate the guests, posing a not-so-willing take on the invitation. If you think that you are not exactly aware of typical Islamic nuances regarding wedding invitation, come to our templates.

We have assorted a grand gallery of Islamic wedding invitation templates that are formatted with due respect to every etiquette and standard set on wedding invitation by Prophet Mohammed’s faith. Our templates have deployed the most cordial and touch words to ensure the perfect warm Islamic welcome and reception. There are verses from Holy Quran as well and we have even adhered to the holy “Bismillah” symbol to ensure perfect most Islamic wedding invitation templates.

You will get a huge collection of Muslim Nikaah & Walima invitation templates to pick from. In regards to designs, we have got some of the best designs possible, arrayed in both contemporary and classy style- enabling you to pick as per your theme of wedding.

Sample Islamic Wedding Invitation:


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