A Java quiz template is useful to construct quiz questions on Java. This can range from questions on syntax, on classes and methods, java platforms, applets, etc.

You can Download the Free Java Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Java Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Java Quiz template:

Java Quiz Template

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Following are some of the multiple choice questions on Java. Please choose the option that you think is right among the options given below each question.

1. According to Joshua Bloch, which of the following is the strangest thing about Java? [This question tests a common opinion about Java]

a)   Poor Unicode Support [Provide your options here]

b)   Java.lang.cloneable does not contain clone( ) method

c)   The byte type is signed

d)   The Java language is similar to C and C++

e)   Java.io.inputstream is an abstract class and not an interface

2. What is the Java development environment?

a)   The headquarters of Sun Microsystems [Provide your options here]

b)   A partitioned and customised hard drive

c)   A software development kit

d)   None

3. What is an applet? [This question tests the Java development application]

a)   An apple [Provide your options here]

b)   A simple computer application

c)   A Java-specific program

d)   None

4. Which of the following is essential while developing code in Java? [This question tests the important points to note in Java]

a)   Java can handle parenthesis but not brackets [Provide your options here]

b)   Java doesn’t recognise spaces

c)   Case matters

d)   None

5. What is the extension of a file written in Java?

a)   .class [Provide your options here]

b)   .java

c)   .xml

d)   .xsl