A jewelry website template is a design, which frames the attractive and informative creation of the website of a jewelry brand. Such a website acts as a display for the products on sale and must be designed very indicatively to attract eyeballs and promote the wares aggressively.

Sample Jewelry Website Template:

Jewelry Responsive WordPress Template

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Name: _____________________________________ [Name of website of the jewelry brand]

Website designed by: _____________________________________ [Mention the name(s) of the developers of the website]

Our new jewelry line: ______________________________________

_______________________________________ [Mention the latest offers by the jewelry brand in the jewelry website. Images of the products must be displayed for a concrete idea]

Our prices start from:

  • Simple chains and bangles: __________________________$
  • Bracelets: _________________________________________$
  • Full sets: __________________________________________$
  • Watches: ____________________________________________$
  • Cufflinks and other small items: ___________________________$

[Mention the prices of these items keeping in mind the starting range]

Our quality and ethical standards: _________________________ [Enumerate how the materials used for their products are quality tested and hallmarked]

Contact: _____________________________ [Provide a contact number]