A job interview schedule template is the basic framework which is used to create a schedule for a job interview. When an applicant is offered a chance for an interview, he has to be given the details of the interview schedule so that he knows when to turn up, where and what documents he needs to bring. A job interview schedule not only helps the applicant but also helps the interviewer to organise and systematically arrange all the interviews with other employees so that none of the schedules clash with each other and everyone can be fit for an interview session. The job interview schedule must have the venue and timings written clearly.

You can Download the Free Job Interview Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Job Interview Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Job Interview Schedule Template:

Job Interview Schedule Template

Download Job Interview Schedule Template

Name of company: [Insert the name of the company where the interview will take place]

Address: [Insert address and other contact details of the company]

Venue of interview: [Mention address of interview and if it is same as the company office, then write same as above]

Date: [Insert date and day when interview will take place]

Name of applicant [Insert name of interviewee] Job designation [Mention post for which interviewee has applied] Time of interview [Insert time of interview] Name of interviewer [Insert name of person taking interview] Designation of interviewer [Mention post of interviewer]

Special instructions: [Insert any other special instructions related to the interview like what documents the interviewee has to bring or attach any important document along with the interview schedule]

Signature of interviewer: [Add signature of interviewer or creator of job interview schedule]



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