Business refers to any organisation that is involved in any sort of trade of either goods or services or both. There are many types of businesses like sole proprietorship, a corporation, a cooperative, a cooperative and a partnership. Joint venture is the type of the business agreement wherein the involved parties agree to start and develop a new entity and its assets while sharing control and revenues etc. When two or more parties form a joint venture business they sign an agreement to that affect. This agreement is called the joint venture business agreement. The joint venture business agreement template is the document which helps in framing of the actual agreement.

Anyone in need of framing an actual agreement can use the joint venture business agreement template. The template is prepared in making sure that when someone uses it the agreement so achieved meets all the format requirements. The language used in the template includes all the legal terms and segments which give agreement the legal document status. Also indicated in the template is a section which includes the terms and conditions of the formation of joint venture. Those using the template need to write down the terms they have agreed on in this section of the template.

Sample Joint Venture Business Agreement Template:

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