Label templates are widely used for different official purposes in order to mail & ship the products on the national and international level. However, one can drat the label template, download it from the internet and purchase from the various graphic companies. A label template consists of the information of the sender organization, receiver and details about the shipped product. The label templates can be different as per the requirement.

Types of the label template:

  • Address label template
  • CD label template
  • Medicine label template
  • Mailing label template, etc

A label template is pasted on the packages and cartons when it is mailed to some destination.

Following mentioned factors play an important role in the creation of a label template:

  • Mention the title and type of the product in the template.
  • Date and order number should be mentioned in the template.
  • Mention the organization information of the sender and the receiver in the template.
  • Provide the full details of the product according to the destination in the label template.
  • Do provide the bar code information of the product in the template.
  • Spare some space for providing name and branch address of the concerned company, including a phone number.

By filling the required information, a label template can be customized for official usage.

Sample Address label template:


Download Address label template

 Sample CD label template:


Download CD label template