A law firm brochure must outline the legal services offered by the firm, including details of noteworthy previous cases and brief resumes of its leading legal team. A law firm brochure template must act as a guide to the framing of a proper law firm brochure. This document must focus on the layout of a law firm brochure and also contain requisite details which must be there in any kind of law firm brochure. The only details that are not present in this template are the personal details of the user or the law firm which can make the document personalised and well detailed. This customisable nature makes these kinds of templates quite in demand. Thus we have many such samples and examples of brochure templates on this website to suit your needs.

Sample Law Firm Brochure Template



Download Law Firm Brochure Template


Name: _____________________________________ [Name of law firm]

Year of establishment: ____________________________ [Mention the year of establishment]

Our core team comprises of:

  • Legal expert 1: ______________________ Prior experience: _____________________
  • Legal expert 2: ______________________ Prior experience: _____________________
  • Legal expert 3: ______________________ Prior experience: _____________________

[Mention the qualifications and notable prior cases of the core legal team of the law firm]

The kind of services we offer: _________________________ [Mention the kind of cases the law firm deals in, criminal or civil]

The values and ethical standards our firm represents: ______________________________ [Enumerate the kind of respect and renown the law firm commands]

Fees we charge: ______________________ [Mention the relevant amount depending on services offered]

Contact number: _______________________