A lawyer letterhead is a sort of letterhead which is designed to particularly meet the needs of a lawyer. Releasing any information through the letterhead certifies the authenticity and the fact that the information is being spread by the particular lawyer. Hence the letterhead of a lawyer can and must be used by that individual only. The lawyer letterhead template given here is a sample which is a pre-prepared letterhead and anyone can use this to frame his/her own letterhead once he/she fills in the details as per the requirements mentioned in the brackets after each element or category.

Sample Lawyer Letterhead Template

Lawyer Letterhead Template

Download Lawyer Letterhead Template


[Insert in the box the logo of the firm of the lawyer or any other logo/ picture with which the lawyer relates his/ her work]


[Write the name of the lawyer in whose name the letterhead is being drawn]

Name of the firm

[write the name of the firm if the lawyer operates under a banner]

Address of the office

[Write the physical address of the place from where the respective lawyer operates]

Contact No.

[In this place fill in the contact no of the lawyer on which the potential or current clients can contact the lawyer]

Web Address

[In this space provide the website URL of the lawyer (optional)]

Email Address

[Provide the email address of the respective lawyer]


[Begin writing the content of the letter]

Date [mention the date of issuing the letter]

Stamp/ signature [here provide the stamp/ signatures of the respective lawyer]