A lease schedule template is a document which outlines the basis for creating a lease schedule. By lease schedule we mean a formal attachment or annex to a master lease that mentions and describes the leased item or equipment, payments related to the lease, and other terms applicable to the lease. The terms and conditions of the lease may be added according to the master lease or may depend on individual negotiations between the parties for every schedule. Whenever an item is added to the master lease, a new lease schedule is executed. A lease schedule must mention the leased equipment, rentals and all other terms applicable to the equipment.

Sample Lease Schedule Template:

Lease Schedule Template

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Lease Schedule

The lessor _________ [mention name of lessor/ company] hereby leases to the lessee [mention name of lessee], and the lessee hereby leases from the lessor, the ________ [describe equipment, article or any other item which has been leased] according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Master Lease dated ______ [give date when master lease was signed] between the lessor and lessee.

Item no. Qty Equipment or machine Serial no Description Monthly rent Purchase price

 First full monthly payment date [Mention date of first full monthly payment]: ___________

Lease term [Mention the duration and term of lease]: ___________

Last full monthly payment date [Give the date of last full monthly payment]: __________

Lease termination date [Mention when the lease officially ends]: __________

Equipment location [Give address of equipment]: _______

Name of lessor: _______Address: _________

Phone number: _______

Signature: ________

Name of lessee: _______Address: _________

Phone number: _______

Signature: ________