A legal brochure is a brochure designed to highlight the skills and experience of a lawyer of note. They must be designed with a view to being comprehensive and impressive. However, a tone of courtesy must be maintained. Thus, a legal brochure template must guide the framing of a legal brochure. These documents must consist of the basic format and the common content of a legal brochure but must be flexible enough for the user to customise it and use it as a personalised brochure document. This makes any legal brochure popular amongst law firms and independent lawyers. This is because of its ready to use nature as well as an inexpensive availability. Samples of this kind and more can be easily found on this website.

Sample Legal Brochure Template:

Legal Brochure Template

Download Legal Brochure Template

Name: ____________________________________ [Mention the name of the lawyer whose legal brochure is the subject]

Age: ________________________

Contact number: _________________________

Currently working in: _____________________

Designation: ______________________________ [Mention the relevant details]

Ethical standards followed and values cherished _____________________________ [Provide an account of the kind of stringent ethical norms followed by the lawyer]

Prior work experience: __________________________ [Enumerate the noteworthy previous cases handled by the lawyer, including their resolutions]

Nature of cases primarily dealt with: ______________________________________ [Provide details of whether the lawyer is a criminal, civil, or corporate attorney, whether he works as a public prosecutor or is privately engaged]

Fees charged: __________________________________ [Mention the starting amount]