Whenever a person uses any kind of legal service from a law firm or an independent lawyer/clerk etc., the service provider hands over an invoice to indicate the amount that the service user has to pay for the services and this kind of an invoice is known as a legal invoice. A legal invoice is an account or bill of the service utilized with their cost so that the service user or client can make the due payment. A legal invoice template is a document with the help and guidance of which a legal invoice can be framed.

A template acts as a pre- formatted invoice which is almost complete but is left with a few spaces which the user can fill in as and when the time of payment comes and the service is complete. These types of templates are useful for busy legal officials who may not get the time to frame legal invoices for each of the clients individually each time. A legal invoice template thus helps to save the time of the officials and also eliminates the need to do extra work. These types of templates can be downloaded from the web easily and for free of cost.

Sample Legal Invoice Template:

Legal Invoice Template

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