The lesson plan template is a detailed outline of the topics taught in the lesson plan, the sequence and dates of those lessons, teaching methodologies to be used, target participants, references from where the course contents are picked, etc.

The lesson plan template is a document which gives the format that a teacher/ lecturer must adhere to while framing the plan of the lesson they intend to conduct. The template states the title of the lesson, its purpose/ agenda, the time division over the whole course along with the readings or references for each topic, the relevance of the topics etc. Any individual can use this template by adding the details of their plan.

Sample Lesson Plan template:

Lesson Plan Template

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Title of the lesson plan: ___________________


Subjects / Concepts to be covered are: [mention all the topics in the right sequence]

  1. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  2. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  3. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  4. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  5. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  6. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________

Goals of the lesson plan [mention why the lesson plan being held, what are the uses of it]

The lesson plan intends to achieve the following:

  1. ___________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________

Teaching methodologies used

The lesson plan will use the following methodologies for teaching:

  1. ___________________ [E.g., Presentation slides, e-learning modules, etc]
  2. ___________________
  3. ___________________


To understand the provided information, you need to know the following beforehand

  1. _____________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________

[E.g., knowledge or awareness of specific related areas]


  1. _______________ [Mention all those target participants that can get benefited from the lesson plan]
  2. _______________


Applicability of the Lesson Plan

The lesson plan can be used by the participants in the following areas of interest:

  1. ____________________
  2. ____________________

References [Mention the source contents of the lesson plan]


Name: _______________________ Name of the author: _____________ Release date: _______

Name: _______________________ Name of the author: _____________ Release date: _______

Name: _______________________ Name of the author: _____________ Release date: _______