A letter confirming employment template is a document which provides an outline of how a letter confirming employment or a joining letter must be written. It should take into account all the details that such a letter encompasses, like job information and details regarding salary, but it should also provide the correct framework following which the letter confirming employment must be created. It should be crisp and professional as well.

Whenever a company decides to hire new recruits, the applicants are put through a series of rounds. The firm thus chalks out the most deserving individual from the pool of applicants. The firm must then issue a letter to the individual confirming his/ her employment to the respective position/ job. The template provided below helps the firms to frame their letters. Any willing firm can use the template as after filling in the required details it acts as a regular letter.

Sample Letter Confirming Employment Template:

Letter Confirming Employment Template

Download Letter Confirming Employment Template


_________________________ [name of selected employee]                      _______________ [date]

___________________________ [address to which the letter shall be sent]

Subject: Letter Confirming Employment

Respected Sir/Madam.

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected for the position of ________________ [name the position for which the employee has been chosen]. You are required to join work on the _________ [day] of ____________ [month], ____________ [year]. You shall be made part of our new trainee orientation program that will commence on _________________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the date of the orientation program] and will terminate on _______________ [mention the date of termination of the program]. The following are the details of your new position:

  • Salary per month _________________________ [mention the monthly salary of the selected employee]
  • Other benefits: ___________________________ [mention some of the perks of the job like medical insurance, provident fund, gratuity etc.]

We hope to have a fruitful working relationship with you, and we believe that you shall prove to be a valuable member of our company. Thanking you,

___________________________ [name of authorizing personnel of the company]

___________________________ [designation of authorizing personnel]