Letter templates are the patterns accessed for the official, business and personal letter purposes. A letter template consists of the information which is to be conveyed to the receiver and can be used for a particular intention by providing the specified details. There are various different types of letter templates and one can use among them as per their requirements. Different categories of letter have their specific format and templates which can be used according to the needs.

Some of the letter templates include

  • Formal letter template
  • Business later template
  • Application letter template
  • Letter of intent template, etc

Refer the following mentioned attribute while drafting a letter template:

  • Mention the date in the template on which letter is sent.
  • Prepare a column for the receiver and sender contact details.
  • Mention the subject of the letter on which the template is based.
  • Address the receiver and give salutation as per the relationship and seniority in the template.
  • Prepare the letter template body as needed.
  • Mention any other details if needed in the template
  • Close the letter template with the signature of the sender.

Thus with the help of these factors an effective letter template can be used.