A letterhead template is a document which can be used by anyone and everyone to meet the purpose of a regular letterhead. Every business entity or an entity with similar constitution must have a letterhead. Any information being circulated or the notifications/ notices which are to be sent, must be written on the company letterhead. The use of the letterhead is essential as it attaches a factor of authenticity to the information which is being conveyed on the letterhead. Given below is a sample of such a letterhead which can be customized easily by making necessary additions in the content.

Sample Letterhead Template

Insert Logo

[Attach here the logo of the entity which is using the template for own use.]

Name of the entity

[write the name of the entity if not already included in the logo]

Name of the individual

[ Mention the name of the individual/ executive in whose name the letterhead is being framed]

Designation/ position

[Kindly mention the position of the individual in the entity]

Name of the entity

[mention the name of the entity which is making use of the template to frame its letterhead]


[Write the address of the individual whose name is on the letterhead]

Contact No.

[Write the contact no. of the individual]

Email Address

[Mention the email address of the individual]

[Write down the content of the notice/ notification i.e. the information that is to be conveyed]

Stamp/ Signature

[put the stamp of the entity or the signature of the individual making the announcement]