A management quiz template is a ready to use document which is framed by experts and is used by organisations who wish to conduct management quizzes. These templates are made in such a way that blank spaces are left for the organisations to fill according to their personal need and requirement.

You can Download the Free Management Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Management Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Management quiz template

Management Quiz Template

Download Management quiz template

Name of the quiz: ______________________ [mention the name of the marketing quiz/title of the marketing quiz.]

This quiz has been framed by: _________________ [mention the name of the designer of the marketing quiz]

Name of the participant: _______________

Age of the participant: _____________

Date of quiz: ________________ [date/month/year]

Time to complete quiz: ________ minutes.

This is a quiz consisting of the following questions which must be answered by ticking the option number from among the various options provided against each question. Participants must complete the quiz on time. Do not exceed the given time limit.

  1. Who is known to be the father of scientific management out of the following?[this question is asked to test management aptitude and knowledge of the participant]

a)   Elton Mayo

b)   Chester Bernard

c)   F.W Taylor

d)   Henry Fayol

  1. Managerial planning is considered to be which of the following options?[this question tests a slightly higher degree of management related knowledge of the participant]

a)   Top level function

b)   Middle level function

c)   Lower level function

d)   All level function

  1. Who said that ‘organisation is a foundation of management’?[this question tests awareness of participant about management rules]

a)   Haney

b)   Henry Ford

c)   Lansberry fish

d)   Keeling