Manual templates are the layout, which depicts the set of rules, procedures and instructions of any particular product, company or service. This kind of templates should be drafted carefully as because at times this can be considered as legal documents that obligate a company or employee to perform the required task mentioned in the manual.

However, whatever the topic of the manual might be, the designer must emphasize on following points inorder to make it more acceptable and concise piece of document.

  • Templates should be designed by determining the importance of the topic that it should represent. Hence, clarity and readability of the language are the two essential factors while designing this particular kind.
  • The template should be so constructed that it might keep provision for revision of any particular topic in future.
  • Draft the template courteously so that the intended person finds interest while reading it.
  • Emphasize on the crucial points and organize according to its priority.
  • The content of the template must not sound repetitive and should have uniqueness as well.

A well-written manual has great importance in understanding or acquiring knowledge regarding a particular matter. Thus, the manual templates should be designed accordingly so that it could deliver the importance of a particular manual to its reader efficiently.