A marketing evaluation is a kind of an evaluation which is done by a company to evaluate either its marketing policies or its marketing project. The evaluation is done by the marketing department of the company to suggest changes in the marketing strategies for the betterment of its profits.

To do a successful marketing evaluation, one can take help of a marketing evaluation template. A marketing evaluation template is nothing but a document that can be used to perform a detailed evaluation of marketing by a company or an executive.

The template consists of the main fields or headings that are needed in such evaluations but the space under those heading is left as blanks so that the user can fill it up with the appropriate observation or review. Such templates find a lot of use in companies or marketing departments which may need to review marketing policies and strategies on a regular basis but may not have the time to conduct them from scratch each time.

These templates can also be customized easily and are thus even more useful. Marketing evaluation templates can be downloaded either for free or for a cost from the web and can be used thereafter.

Sample Marketing Evaluation Template: