Marketing pamphlet template is a written document about determining what services and products of a company might be useful to the customer and using strategies about sales, communication, and business development.  This pamphlet is basically designed to mention bout ways to satisfy customer

Sample Marketing Pamphlet Template:

Marketing Pamphlet Template

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Product/service: – _______________________ [mention about the product to be marketed]

Price: – _________________________ [mention about the value of the product/service]

Place: – ________________________ [mention about the accessibility of the product/service]

Orientation: – _____________________ [mention about marketing concepts of the company]

Relationship marketing: – _________________________ [mention about supplier and customer relationship]

Business marketing: – ______________________________ [mention about marketing between businesses and organizations]

Social marketing: – ________________________ [mention about any harm or benefit to the society at large]

Branding: – ____________________________ [mention about the company’s core philosophy]

Customer orientation: – ____________________________ [mention about consumer demand and companies ability to fulfill it]

Segmentation: – ________________________ [mention about the segment of people requiring or in need of that product/service]

Choice:-______________________ [mention why a customer should choose that particular product/service]

Technology: – ________________________ [mention about the use of latest technology]

Eco-friendly: – ____________________ [mention if the product/service is eco-friendly in nature]

Personal benefits: – ________________________ [mention about personal benefits to a consumer]

Future benefits: – _______________________ [mention if the product is going to benefit in the long run also]

Health benefits: – ________________________ [mention how directly or indirectly service/product is beneficial to health of an individual]

Quality: – ___________________ [mention about the quality of goods used in manufacturing of the product]