A Mathematics quiz template is a readymade document which is meant to be taken in use as a mathematics quiz conducted in schools or colleges. Such templates are ones with blank spaces which can be filled according to personal need and requirements. They are helpful in saving time of school authorities.

You can Download the Free Mathematics Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Mathematics Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Mathematics quiz template

Mathematics Quiz Template

Download Mathematics quiz template

Name of the mathematics quiz: ________________ [Here mention the name of the mathematics quiz or the title of the mathematics quiz]

Creator of the quiz: _______________ [Here mention the name of the person who has designed the quiz]

Name of the participant: ______________

Age of participant: ____________

Class/grade of the participant: _____________

This quiz is of a medium difficulty level and must be conducted for students in junior school from classes 5-8.

There are a few questions given in the following lines. Each question has a few choices against it which are the probable answers. Participants have to pick the correct options. Rough work must be done on the back of the sheet.

  1. Using Pythagorean theorem for triangle ABC, if the side ‘a’ measures 120 meters, and side ‘b’ measures 119 meters then what is c’ s measurement?[this question is asked to test basic Pythagorean skills and clarity of subject]

a)   124 meter

b)   169 meter

c)   194 meter

d)   239 meter


  1. For any right triangle ABC where a=3 feet, b-4 feet, what is the cosine of angle A? [This question tests the trigonometric knowledge of the participant in the most basic way.]

a)   3/5

b)   4/5

c)   ¾

d)   1 1/4