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A Medical institution website template outlines the detailed overview of a medical institution and throws lights on every minute detail that helps the potential students to get a clear idea.

You can Download the Free Medical Institution Website Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Medical Institution Website Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Medical Institution Website Template

Medico - Medical Institution Website Template

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Medicare - Medical Institution Website Template

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Medical institution’s name


Contact us at _________________________________

Detailed overview of the institute ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Courses offered: [mention the courses offered in respective departments along with its duration]

Course 1 ________________________________

Description of course 1 ________________________

Duration of course 1 ____________________

Course 2 ________________________________

Description of course 2 ________________________

Duration of course 2 ____________________

Course 3 ________________________________

Description of course 3 ________________________

Duration of course 3 ____________________

Admission procedures and eligibility:

Admission are done in two ways and the session begins between __________ [month] to ___________ [month]

  • Eligibility for direct admission procedure ______________________________________________________________________
  • Eligibility of entrance qualified students _____________________________________________________________________

Latest activities of the institute’s students:

Latest activity 1 _____________________________________

Latest activity 2 ____________________________

Latest activity 3 _____________________________

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