A medical letterhead is a kind of a formal and authentic document which is used by medical officials for making recommendations, writing prescriptions and ordering medical drugs or other equipments. A medical letterhead template on the other hand helps medical officials in making their own letterheads which they can then use for their own professional purposes. Given the critical nature of the medical industry the templates must be prepared in accordance with the format which is followed in all the formal medical letterheads. It is only when the template follows the right format that the user of the template can prepare a proper official letterhead for himself or herself.

A medical letterhead template can be considered as a highly customisable and ready to use letterhead which only needs a few modifications and adjustments from the user’s end.  This is the reason why it is very beneficial for the professionals to use a template to frame their own letterheads. The template will help them present their information like their qualification (MD, MBBS etc.), their associations (like with other medical institutions/ medical boards etc.) and their present work details in a presentable manner. One must also note that the preparation of the letterheads must be done with caution, so an individual must choose an appropriate template for themselves.

Sample Medical Letterhead Template:


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