Every hospital or medical center brings out a newsletter on a periodic basis so as to provide its staff, patients or others with useful information about the world of medical science, new discoveries, news articles and diseases to stay away from etc. Such newsletters are known as medical newsletter and these are generally distributed among the premises of the hospital which has published it. Since a hospital has to bring out such newsletters on a regular basis, it may sometimes prefer to take help of a readymade version known as a medical newsletter template.

  • A medical newsletter template is nothing but a document which works exactly as a medical newsletter¬† but only after adding certain information or details in it.
  • A template for a medical newsletter provides a detailed layout of a medical newsletter and this layout can be customized or personalized as per the individual requirements or specifications of the user.
  • The template is provided with spaces that can be filled in using the instructions which too are written down for the help of the users.
  • All the main headings, categories and other major pieces of information is already present in the template so that the user can save time.
  • The pre-formatted nature of a medical newsletter template makes it a highly useful document which is widely used by a number of medical centers and institutes.
  • Many designs, formats and themes of such templates are available on the web and can be either downloaded for free or bought by paying a nominal charge.

Sample Medical Newsletter Template:


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