A meeting checklist is a kind of a document or sheet which lists down all the areas or meeting topics that a meeting aims to fulfill or achieve. Meeting checklists are used in many industries and scenarios and are an effective way to fulfill all the meeting purposes and objectives.

Meeting checklists must define the date of meeting , location of meeting, purpose of meeting, names of all those attending meeting and a list of the objectives that the meeting must fulfill. Once each topic is completed, the meeting organizer puts a check or tick against that particular entry.

A meeting checklist template is a ready to use meeting checklist which has all the fields and headings that are needed in the checklist present in it but certain spaces are left with blanks so that the user can customize the template as per his/her needs.

Any such template proves very useful for businesses and companies who need to organize or attend meetings regularly and need a certain amount of schedule and planning for it. A meeting checklist template is not only easy to use but saves lot of time as it already in the proper format that a checklist must have.

Sample Meeting Checklist Template:


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