Memo templates are drafted for official use in corporations between the staff and the management and are also utilized for the personal communication. To outline a memo template, the standard format and official language can be followed, whereas in the personalized memos, a pattern according to the requirement can be executed. A memo template is widely used in the organizations, banks and accounts departments in order to keep the record of every official communication on paper.

Types of the memo templates:

  • Credit memo template
  • Office business memo template
  • Deal memo template
  • Price negotiation memorandum, etc

The following mentioned attributes should be considered while planning a memo template:

  • Mention the type of the memorandum in the template.
  • Give the address of both the parties who are holding the responsibility of the memorandum template.
  • Use the subject of the memo effectively on which the template is based.
  • Discuss the terms & covenants in the memo template briefly.
  • Do write if there are any monetary terms to proceed with the memo template.
  • Make a column for the Signatures of both the parties.
  • Write the date on the memo template.

By providing the required details, a memo template can be used.

 Sample Credit Memo Template

credit memo

Download Credit Memo Template

Sample Office Business Memo Template

Business memo

Download Credit Memo Template

Sample Deal Memo Template


Download Deal Memo Template

Sample Price Negotiation Memorandum Template

price negotiation memorandum templateDownload Price Negotiation Memorandum Template