A memorial program template is a document that outlines the entire program plan of a memorial function, wherein homage is offered to a dear one or any person who has passed away before a certain period of time. The program is certainly of a serious issue and the template should hence be designed effectively. It should contain details of the date, time, venue of the event and also give an overview of the respective individual’s life, his ideologies and principles, and give certain other details of his personality that make him all the more special. Memorial programs may be planned differently by different people as per the way they want their loved ones to be remembered, but the basic structure of framing a template for memorial program is somewhat similar, considering the fact that all of them should contain the basic facts and descriptions.

You can Download the Free Memorial Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Memorial Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Memorial Program Template:

Memorial Program Template

Download Memorial Program Template



The late ___________________________________________ [mention the name of the person whose memorial program is being held]



[give a photograph of the dead person]

 In the loving memory of

                                     ____________________________________ [mention the name of the person here again]

We would like to arrange for a memorial program on the _______ th [give the date] day of _____________________ [mention the month] at ___________________________ [provide the name of the venue] during the _________ th [mention the exact time] hour of the day.

Location details: _________________________________________________ [give details of nearby landmarks and directions to reach the venue]

Program details: [explain the structure of the program in the next section]


[give the service name that will be conducted, preferably in an arranged order]


[give details of the procedure in which it will be conducted]

  1. Prayer and reading of scriptures and the Holy Book
  1. Obituary and remembering the person through his/ her words and actions
  1. Music and songs in memory of the departed soul
  1. Words and verses for the dead and benediction
  1. [include if there are other programs]