Menu templates are executed as the presentation of various types of foods and drink items available in a particular restaurant, hotel, food joints and other such places.   The template can be varied according to the requirement and is designed by providing the specific information with details of the food and other related items.

Types of the menu templates:

  • Hotel menu template
  • Restaurant menu template
  • Food Joint Menu Template

Refer the following mentioned attributes to draft an effective menu template:

  • Design the menu template with an easy name.
  • Decide the categories which should be mentioned in the menu template according to the requirement.
  • Make a column for each of the categories for providing the sufficient information in the template.
  • Mention the details of the food and the drink items
  • Mention the speciality and ingredients of the food items in the template.
  • Mention the price details of the each food item.
  • Mention the percentage of service tax and any other tax if any which is to be levied on the given price.
  • Mention the name of the restaurant and address details for placing orders for the home deliveries.

Hence, a menu template can be drafted according to the requirement.