A music classes pamphlet template is a template or a ready to use document which is made for the purpose of satisfying a music class pamphlet use. Such templates are left with blanks at appropriate places so that individual music classes can fill in their personal details.

Sample Music Classes Pamphlet Template:

Music Classes Pamphlet Template

Downlaod Template

Name of the music class: ___________ [mention here the name of the music class]

Name of the owner of music class: ____________ [mention here the name of the music class owner]

Address of music class: __________ [mention here the full address of the music class]

Contact number of the music class: _______ [mention here the contact number of the music class]


________[write the name of the music class] has been quite popular in the neighbourhood for giving all age groups great lessons in music, ones which have even helped a few of them to choose music as their career and way to earn a living. We not only focus on teaching students music, but also concentrate on instilling in them respect for this field.

We specialise in the following forms of music:

  • Western music
  • Western classical music
  • Classical music
  • Rock music
  • [give other forms of music]

The following are the musical instruments taught at _____ [mention the name of the music class]

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Mouth organ
  • [Give names of other musical instruments taught]

We have classes from Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. To get a class fixed or admission done, contact the phone number mentioned or visit us.

[Mention the timings and date of the classes]