A music event program template is a document whose particulars and texts present an idea of the actual event that is to happen on a certain day. A music event program generally comprises of the presentation of songs and other forms of music, such as instrumentals, etc., sung and played by a number of singers and musicians. Also, there are a number of people responsible for proper management of the event as much as there will be one or some organization hosting the event, and even sponsors. The template should thus outline all these factors minutely such that no one related to the event fails to have a primary idea of the event and make necessary preparations beforehand.

Sample Music Event Program Template:

Music Event Program Template

Download Music Event Program Template 


[provide some specific picture, motto or logo of the music event or some identification symbol of the organization]

___________________________________________________ [mention the name of the organization, company or agency conducting the specific music event]


The most awaited music event 

____________________________________________________ [mention the name of the event]

Name of the event: ______________________________ [mention the complete name of the event]

Date: _____________ [mention the date on which the event is to be held]

Time: _______________ [starting time of the program] to __________________ [approximate time of completion]

[give the timings of the event]

Venue: _________________________ [mention the place where the event is to be held]

Directions: _________________________________________________ [provide with proper directions to reach the venue of the program]

Nature of the event:

__________________________________________________________ [mention the actual purpose for conducting this particular music event program and the type of the program, finally stating the ultimate objective that has been aimed to be achieved]

Sl. No.

[arrange the events in a sequential manner]


[give a title for the particular sub-program in the music event]


[mention all details of the corresponding sub-program]

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Special guests at the program [if any]: ______________________________________________

[mention names of the special people who will be attending the music event]

Sponsors: __________________________________________________________ [give the names of all business firms, companies and brands sponsoring the music event]We cordially invite you all to attend this musical event and grace the occasion as well as enjoy yourselves in the program.

Thank You

______________________________ [signature of organizer]