A networking quiz template is a ready to use document which is really helpful as far as for the companies interested in conducting networking quizzes. Such templates are useful because they save the time as well as resources which would have been used for framing the quiz.

You can Download the Free Networking Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Networking Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Networking quiz template:

Networking Quiz Template

Download Networking quiz template

Name of the networking quiz: ________________ [Here mention the name of the quiz or networking quiz’s title]

Creator of the quiz: _______________ [Here mention the name of the person who has designed the quiz]

Name of the participant: ______________

Name of organisation/school/college: ____________________

The total time to complete this quiz is _____mins.

Here is a list of a few questions which must be answered in the given time. All questions have 4 choices each, out of which the correct one has to be selected by ticking it.

  1. Any piece of information can be transmitted through any one of the total ___ signals?[this question is asked to test basic knowledge]

a)   One

b)   Four

c)   Two

d)   Five

  1. Email services require a significant need for technical support and administration because of their ______?[this question tests higher level and in depth knowledge of networking]

a)   Access ability

b)   Routing capability

c)   Instability

d)   Heavy use

  1. Which device acts as a traffic cop?[this question is asked to test higher level knowledge of the participant]

a)   Router

b)   Hub

c)   Modem

d)   Switch

  1. Fiber Optic cable conducts electricity?[this question tests network electricity related knowledge of the participant]

a)   True

b)   False