A neurology quiz template is a document which is a ready to use neurology quiz used by organisations to conduct quizzes related to the subject of neurology. Such templates are widely used and are of great use and help for those wishing to conduct quizzes.

You can Download the Free Neurology Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Neurology Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Neurology quiz template:

Neurology Quiz Template

Download Neurology quiz template

Name of the neurology quiz: ________________ [Here mention the name of the neurology quiz or quiz’s title]

Creator of the quiz: _______________ [Here mention the name of the person who has designed the quiz]

Name of the participant: ______________

Age of the participant: _________________

Name of school/college/organisation: ____________________

The total time to complete the quiz: ______mins [mention time period during which the quiz has to be completed]

The following are a few questions which are meant to test neurology knowledge of the participant. All the questions are provided with a few options for answers, out of which the correct one has to be selected.

  • The prosterior columns transmit information about which of the following? [this question is used to test higher level neurology knowledge of the participant]
  1. Two point discrimination
  2. Sensory information
  3. Controlled motion or movement
  • Extrapyramidal tracts have an influence on which of the following? [this question is used to test in depth knowledge of neurology of the participant]
  1. Proprioception
  2. Pain
  3. Temperature
  4. Activation
  • Somatic reflex arc consists of the sensory input to the neurone of which of the following: [this question is meant to know basic neurology knowledge of the participant]
  1. Anterior horn cell
  2. Dorsal root ganglion
  3. Vertral root