A non disclosure agreement template is a document which is aimed at securing information that may be the result of high level discussions, and negotiations between two companies or individuals. It is a legal document which must be observed with care. The template must provide a basic structure of the NDA, which can then be modified to suit individual requirements.

Sample Non Disclosure Agreement Template

[Name of company]

[Company Logo]

Non–Disclosure Agreement

This non-disclosure agreement has been agreed on:___________________________________BETWEEN NAME: ________________________________ AND NAME: __________________________________ for the duration of:___________________________

The following document is a Non-Disclosure Agreement between ___________________ [henceforth referred to as Party 1] and ____________________ [henceforth referred to as Party 2]. This document stipulates that both parties shall re-frain from revealing any information, data, material or negotiations that are a part of the project ___________________ [mention the name of the project in discussion] with due effect from ________________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the date of commencement of the non-disclosure agreement]. Care should be taken to keep this document effective till _______________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the date of termination of the non-disclosure agreement]. The following materi-als shall be considered under the aegis of the NDA:

1. Intellectual property such as business plans, expansion plans, business negotiations, quotations, business meeting decisions, plan of action and so on.

2. Material data like facts and figures, financial amounts, CDs and DVDs containing any information pertaining to the project in question.

The agreement must be read carefully by all parties concerned. In case of a breach of contract, the case shall be referred to ___________________ [mention the name of the court under whose jurisprudence the contract has been signed].

Signature of party 1: _____________________

Signature of party 2: _____________________

Witness 1: ______________________________

Witness 2: ______________________________